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At Brenstine Homes, it is important to educate our homeowners on each construction phase and process, so that homeowners will know exactly what to expect and when. Before the construction process, each homeowner is invited to sit down with the builder, superintendent and/or design coordinator to verify all aspects of the building process and what to expect. Each phase is fun and exciting!

Construction Phases from Start to Finish

1. Foundation

The first phase in building a Brenstine quality home is laying the foundation to ensure that a quality structural system is built for your home and to ensure the stability of the foundation.

2. Framing

The frame is the outline or skeleton of your home. Frames are usually wooden, but could be other materials based on the specific need. This phase usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.

3. Plumbing and Electrical

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This phase usually takes 1-3 three weeks and the air conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring are installed. Once the roof is installed, the exterior trim, windows and doors are installed.

4. Insulation and Drywall

Insulation and permanent power connections are installed just before the drywall is installed. Next, drywall taping and finishing are scheduled. After the walls are touched up, the walls and ceiling are textured. This phase usually takes 2-4 weeks.

5. Trim and Finishing Details

Walls are primed, painted and prepared for final finish, while interior trim, cabinets, counters and sinks are installed. Electrical systems are completed as wire shelving, bath accessories and mirrors are installed. Flooring (ceramic tile, vinyl and/or hardwood) is installed and protected until move-in. Next, hardware fixtures and shoe molding are installed. Appliances are installed. Door and window screens are installed. Carpeting is installed and also protected until move-in. Final touches (gutters, mailboxes, garage door openers, etc.) are completed and the entire home is cleaned.

6. Final Inspection

Any minor adjustments take place during this phase. Final inspections, garage cleaning and paint touch-ups take place.

7. Homeowner Walk-Through

The Homeowner Walk-Through provides homeowners with the opportunity to become acquainted with their newly finished home prior to moving in. During this time, a Brenstine Homes Representative provides a thorough demonstration of your home and reviews items covered by the warranty.

We would like to help you build the home of your dreams! 
Brenstine Homes, LCC. is member of Memphis Area Home Builders Association and the National Home Builders Association.

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